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back but not for long...

and we're back at it again... back to the long days of class and the studying to the wee hours of the morning. Along with class comes the anticipation of finals week. I'm dreading them this year. I decided it would be a good idea to take two math classes this semester and boy is that tough. Yet, I also look forward to having a nice long break after finals. I plan on working over the break and make a little extra cash for next semester. That way I will be able to buy some groceries and snacks because every one in college needs a snack now and then. I also need a little money for Christmas presents for my family. I have no idea what to buy any of them. I could use a few ideas. I have two brothers, two sisters, and a mom. To add to that I have two nephews as well. I have so many presents to buy and no idea what to buy.

Well I'll be back in a week Adios