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Hey all,

Last night a welcome relief to the seemingly nonstop studying was swing club. I go every Wednesday night with a good friend of mine. Neither of us really knew anything about swing dancing before this year, and honestly, I'm not even sure if we're any good or not at swing dancing. But we sure have a ton of fun, so it's hard to care whether or not we actually know what we're doing. I'm so excited to dress up and go to the Jazz Dance next weekend and show off all the awesome moves we've been learning! It'll be my first time going to the Jazz Dance, and I've heard nothing but good stuff about it! Seriously, jazz band, fun dresses, and swing dancing? How on earth could this not be absolutely delightful?

Tonight after I post this I'm going to American Sign Language club at The Common Cup (the delightful coffee shop here in Morris), and then a weekly yoga class taught off campus by one of the students here at UMM.

See you later!
Liz :)