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Enjoying the Holiday

It's been about a week and four days since I've have my last day in Morris. I made the trek back to Twin Cities to spend a relaxing month and a week with my family and friends. Even a week and some days later, I'm still enjoying being out of school. It was time to get my brain a well-deserved break. A couple of days after my last final, I was eager to get my first grades. Nerdy, yes, but I wanted to see how well I did my first semester as a college student. It was hard to wait for all my professors and instructors to post my final grades. I literally checked my grades about four times a days, once I finished my last final. But about four days I finally was relieved to see all my grades. I could finally stop holding my breath, and realized I survived and thrived my first semester of college finals. I was so glad to see that all my hours of making flashcards, reviewing and studying paid off. Then, I was really ready to relax and join the complete bliss that is winter break. Now I've just realized I've already got a whole list of things, I want to complete BEFORE going back to Morris. One huge task, is ordering my textbooks! So even on break, you can't escape the books, but this is a lot less stressful and more intriguing. It's intriguing to see all the books for my fresh new spring semester classes.

See ya next year-