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Back to School!

Hey, everyone! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving break. I know I did. I ate so much that I was sure I would return to Morris roughly the size of a small elephant. It was quite productive as well. I managed to get a good start on my paper about slang in American Sign Language and I got a huge chunk of my ELTAP application done.

ELTAP stands for English Language Teaching Assistant Program. You don't have to be an education major, you just need to be fluent in English and be willing to help people improve their English skills. I've been placed in an all boys school (Kindergarten-6th grade) in Bray, Ireland with three other girls from UMM for four weeks starting the week after spring semester ends.

Today after classes I had a meeting with Stacy Aronson, who is the director of the study abroad program for Spanish speaking countries. I'm planning on studying abroad in Spain somewhere next year for the duration of the academic year. I don't know where exactly I want to go, but I'm rather partial to Madrid. The idea of going to school somewhere smaller with less American tourists has its appeal as well. Stacy talked to me about a lot of different options I had, and I'm so excited to look at the different programs and figure out which one I want!

Talk to you later!