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It's here. The dreaded finals week.

I can take it though. With awesome distractions like the Jazz Dance last Saturday (Oh, my goodness...SO FUN!) in Oyate Hall with the live jazz band consisting of the UMMers themselves, and the free pancakes at ten o' clock tonight served by the professors, I have a feeling that I will survive.

Seriously, I'm really excited about these pancakes. I love pancakes. I've been ranting to Jackie and Naomi about pancakes for the past three hours I think. I wonder if it's getting annoying...

Breakfast food is completely delicious. Even moreso when it's eaten during a meal that is not breakfast. I don't care what you crazy "I-can-only-eat-food-at-the-appropriate-appointed-meals" people say. For lunch today, I went to Don's Cafe, our local diner in Morris. I had french toast. It rocked my world.

If you come visit Morris, you have to eat at Don's Cafe and you HAVE to eat the toast. My tour guide told me this when I was a high school senior and here on a campus visit. I laughed then. But I kid you not. Your life will be changed for the better.

Liz :)

"Guess what, Liz. It's eight o'clock. And that's one hour until nine o'clock. And that's one hour until ten o'clock. And that means..."