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So Close...

It's the final week, the final push of the semester. I've got lots of studying to do. Like most college students I'm freaking out about finals week. I have four finals to take and as every day passes, less time to study for them. I'm stressing out! Good thing I know a few ways to relax and keep myself from pulling out all my hair.

1. The first way I like to make sure I set aside and schedule the time I will take to study. Having a plan as to when I'm going to do it all really helps me study and not distract myself.

2. Another thing I like to do is make sure I set aside some time to relax and take a break. Studying too long makes a student tired and then it is easier to get frustrated.

3. I make sure I eat healthy meals to make sure I have all the energy I need to get through the time studying. Drinking too much soda and eating to much junk food just makes me crash later and then I end up studying less and remembering very little.

4. Getting enough sleep is very important as well. Not getting regular sleep tends to throw me off for entire days at a time. While I'm in class I can't seem to get over how tired I am and then don't concentrate the way I should.

5. Lastly I make sure that I get to my finals on-time and do what I can to relax. I make sure I'm not nervous by just taking a little time when I get to the exam to relax my mind. Another thing I make sure to do the day of the exam is to dress relaxed. I wear the most comfortable clothing I have to make sure that I don't sit there fidgeting because I'm uncomfortable.

Those are the tips I can think of for a better finals experience. I guess that is all I've got for now.
I'll be back after break.
-Catch Ya Later