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T-Minus 4 Days!

Yes, that's right folks!
In exactly 4 days, I will be done with my first semester of college here at UMM, and I will be that much closer to traveling back to Cambodia (more on this later).

As you've read in other blogs, it is indeed that time of season. The time where large amounts of sugared, caffeinated beverages are consumed, stress fills the air, and the library is packed... yes, Finals are here.

In other news, there have been many things happening on campus and off campus.
-On campus: studying and presentations and dances and concerts and pancakes.
-Off campus: traveling and snow ball fights and Sarah Palin.


"Sarah Palin?!" you ask?

Yes. I, along with three other brave UMM students traveled to the big town of Bloomington (Mall of America) to loose sleep, camp out at the International House Of Pancakes, and meet Sarah Palin. Now, to remain bi-partisan, I will not comment on the level of dislike and fuming anger I have for Sarah Palin. Instead, I merely want to inform you on the facts of my experience:

FACT: I waited in line for more than 7 hours. I walked across the stage, got my book signed, and "met" Sarah Palin in about 7 seconds (this included her shaking my hand, signing my book, asking my name and scowling at my "I love my Co-Op button).

FACT: I bought her book (yes, I gave into Capitalism) and she signed it.

FACT: UMM was given press coverage when I was interviewed several times while at the Mall of America.

FACT: I lost a lot of sleep.

FACT: I am being "disowned" by several family members (well, not really...but, you know).

FACT: I now feel as if my "liberal arts education" has become more complete.

FACT: It was the Morris Student DFL group that went to meet this lipstick wearing figure head. Ironic, isn't it?

***Check it out:
(I feel as if this interview does not show my feelings towards this woman...)

(It was early. There were many supporters around. I tried to remain calm. I was "excited" to get my book signed)