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Is it Spring Semester yet?

Is it over yet? This probably my least favorite time of the school year. Finals week :P
Finals week isn't fun-plain and simple. There is a ton of last minute projects, essays, tests, and studying to do. Plus its also the last week of the semester so that means goodbye to most of my college friends and sparring until mid-January. Sure there are some bonuses of break, no classes, no real homework, no food service and yes, there will be X-MAS and New Year's shindigs to attend plus real food, high school friends to hang out with but...its just not the UMM.Plus being at home gets really boring after all the holiday stuff is over with. So although I can't wait to finish my last final on Thursday and then head home to see my dogs and go snowshoeing. I will also be counting down the days until I return to the UMM for new adventures during Spring Semester. Plus each day that passes brings me a little closer to May 17th when I go to Iceland to study Icelandic sagas and environmental science.