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Week 2...its magical

Its week 2 at the UMM and I think all profs thought they were too easy on us during first semester because the homework has definitely increased! However, my classes are super interesting: European Women's History From 1500 to the Present (so for learning about European witches), the Rhetoric of Picturebooks (did you know the story of the 3 pigs doesn't end after the Wolf tries to blow the last pigs house down?) , Communication Theory (homework for one day was looking up slang for "Groovy"), Taekwondoe ( :D ), Radio Experience (the only place where you hear the ballad of the "Last Sasketchewan Pirate"), and Personal Finance (starts at midterm-so no homework-YEA). So far my favorite is Radio Experience because I get to be a DJ for my own radio show at KUMM.

Plus there are a lot of cool stuff happening on campus already. Last week for Swing Dancing Club, my partner and I learned how to do some basic lifts which will look super awesome after we practice some more. Martial Arts Club has kicked off the year to by adding regular shadow boxing to our usual workout routine. That's I'm personally really excited about because shadow boxing is a great way to gain experience in sparring plus its an awesome workout.

But what I'm really looking forward to is the intramural Quidditch Tournament this weekend. Yes, thats right Quidditch! This weekend, the UMM's intramural field will be host to broomsticks, quaffles, a roving snitch, and amazing Quidditch players.

Life couldn't be better-cool classes, club sports, KUMM, and magic! :D