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And We're Back

Classes have resumed and life is slowly getting back to normal. I've had some time to get my apartment clean yet my professors have wasted no time in giving me assignments. I've been reading like crazy. I'm really happy to be back though, even if I have all sorts of work to do. My schedule is pretty relaxed so I can't complain too much. I'm only taking three classes for thirteen credits. I've got Software Design and Development, Introduction to Philosophy, and Intro to U.S. History. From what I can tell Software Design is going to take up most of my time and effort. So far Philosophy has been tons of fun. We always have discussions on very interesting topics. History has been very interesting in the fact that it is easy to pay attention in class. Normally one would think that history is all about learning about important dates and figures. This history class teaches about the important of events and the how and why the historians are covering it.
Today is my first day back at work in the NEW BUILDING!!! It's a pretty sweet place. I'd say if I were coming on a college visit I would want to check out this building. I'm really looking forward to this semester of classes. I can tell that I'm really going to have fun. I'll probably complain at times but it's totally worth it in the end.
- Catch Ya Later