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Back to school and having "Super-Good-Fun-Times" at the UMM!

Everyone is back in the swing of things here at Morris. Classes have commenced. I think I'll enjoy my classes this semester now that I'm not trying to learn four different languages at once. Not that I didn't love all of my classes last semester, but I decided that my attempt to love German was a lost cause. It's a cool language and everything, don't get me wrong. I wish I was good at it. But I'm just...not. So alas, only French and Spanish and Sign Language this semester.

My class sizes have a variety of numbers in them. Introduction of World History since 1500 is a lecture class with what I'd guess to be 80 students or so and my Introduction to Hispanic Literature class has...like...eight.

Also, it's the first night of telecounseling. It's sad, but we're not yet in the new Welcome Center (Or, as Melissa calls it, the "Super-Good-Fun-Times" building). We are still in Behmler, where the majority of the desk chairs are broken. Tuesday night we will be in the Super-Good-Fun-Times building with the Brand-New-Not-Fixed-With-Duct-Tape-By-Mike-Vandenberg chairs.

Also, I have mailed in the rest of my application for ISA in Spain next year and am anxiously waiting a response. And I've submitted all of my ELTAP application materials. WHOOOO!