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Busy Busy Busy So Busy

Well I have arrived back on campus after a refreshing month and 1 week winter break. If you are wondering why I'm being exact with the number of days of break, I'm just going to say that you'll realize the importance of it when you've completed your first semester of college! It was nice to finally let my brain relax after studying, reviewing, quizzing, organizing and finishing up all my coursework finals week. It's been great having new classes and seeing some familiar faces walking around campus. Though it's been quite chilly and windy, it's been a treat having the Turtle Mountain Cafe have an abundance of caffeine and choclately warm drinks to make the cold walk to class a little more bearable.

This semester I am taking East Asian Government and Politics, Principles of Art, Analytic Feminism and Intermediate Spanish. So far, I'm digging my Government and Politics class but of course that is to be expected from a double Spanish and Political Science major! This semester along with starting new classes, I'm looking into doing a National Student Exchange or studying abroad in the near future. National Student Exchange would allow me to attend another college within the United States for up to a year. Likewise, study abroad has many options for length of time and country you can go to. I'm still not sure what I'll do, but I know I want to travel!

Though, attending informational meets, I've realized the somewhat daunting task of filling out various application sheets. But either way, I'm ready to explore a notoriously rewarding and challenging part most college students like to do...travel and go to school someplace different. I'll hopefully have more details later, but whenever I need a study break it's been exciting for me to do research on different parts of the world. I'll let you know what I've decided. But having said that, it is still nice to be in Morris. I can tell the professors missed having student interaction, and they all have good stories from break. I too was excited to hear other students and teacher's winter break events. It's been an interesting start to the new year and new semester.

Stay Warm,