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Can I go back to Morris now? Pleeeease?

Hello all,

I hope everyone is having a lovely holiday! Mine has consisted of waitressing at my old job from high school, catching up with old friends, listening to Lady Gaga (!), eating comfort food made by my mother, and scraping ice off of my car. There's a blizzard tonight (Oooooh, Minnesoooota, how I hate your weather) so my mom has decided to have a "family fun night".

Oh, and I went to Mankato and did a bit of shopping. Charlotte Russe was having a sale. JACKPOT!

I'm going a little bit stir crazy though. The town that I am originally from has 200 people in it. Seriously, people think Morris is smalltown? Dude, I know smalltown, and Morris is not exactly it. I'm really looking forward to returning to school in a couple weeks. I've been pining for my friends from Morris and some toast from Don's Cafe. Facebook is simply not sufficient.