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February 28, 2010

Open Mic Night.

Hello everyone! So my friend Donald told me to blog about Open Mic Night here at Morris, so that's what I'm gonna do.

Every last Thursday of the month is Open Mic Night in the Turtle Mountain Café. It is THE place to be every last Thursday of the month. Well, I think so, anyway. You can express whatever talent you have, whether it be music, poetry, storytelling, comedy, ...anythihg. Most people sing, but it's always refreshing when people spice it up with something different. It's a great time to order a cappuccino at the start of the show and do your homework or chat with friends and see people you haven't for awhile due to scary, busy schedules.

And sometimes super secrets get revealed. (Like the fact that Flogging Molly is coming to Morris!) Conclusion: Open Mic Night is delightful.

Jam Packed Week Of Fun

This past week has been very busy. I've been doing all sorts of work when it comes to class. My project for software design is coming along swimmingly and will probably be finished tomorrow. I went on a bit of a "field trip" on Friday to the IBM plant in Rochester. The four and a half hour drive there was, as one would guess, pretty uneventful. When we got there the excitement began. We started off by checking in at the front office and walking to where the presentations would be given. The IBM plant is one very long building. It has a hallway that spans a distance of about one mile. Lucky for us the room we were in was in the next section of the building. After one presentation and question session we walked to another area of the building where IBM lets its' customers test out the software they are thinking about purchasing. The building was set up so that they could have more than one business in at a time. There were many different rooms full of computers used for testing purposes. In that same area is the man in charge of keeping track of the Blue Gene Super Computer. The computer itself was in a completely different building. After looking around for a while we walked back to the presentation room for three more speakers. The speakers talked about all the ways that IBM is working on making the world a better place. One of the speakers talked about how they keep such a large building energy friendly. Another one of the speakers talked about how IBM was working with the Mayo Clinic. I found that particular speaker very interesting. They talked about how with the Mayo Clinic they were finding new ways of looking inside the human body. One of the examples he gave us was how they were changing the way we see peoples' brains. The images we originally had to look at were in the hundreds. With each of those pictures a radiologist would have to look at them and decide if there are any abnormalities. Now, with the help of a computer, the radiologist can just look at what the computer gives them. The computer generates a three dimensional image with abnormalities it finds in red. Even though the computer may not find all the defects at once it gives the radiologist a better heads up to what is going on. After the speakers we headed out to a pizza place in Rochester for an hour of relaxation and mingling with the University of Minnesota Morris alumni that work at IBM.
Other things that I did with my week were playing intramural basketball, which we won :), read, worked on my project, and started to decide if I wanted to pick up another minor. I've been tossing the idea around for about a week now. I'm considering picking up a minor in Philosophy for fun. We'll see how that goes. Other events this week were that the men's basketball team took first place in the UMAC conference tournament. UMM 83, St. Scholastica 49 was the end of game score. So there was some pretty exciting stuff going on in Morris this past week. I wonder what this next will have to offer?
- Catch Ya Later

February 24, 2010

When Sick, Don't Get Behind!

So of course being sick is a period of time when you feel yucky and don't want to get out of bed. So naturally, living in a dorm close to people, and having stress, of COURSE you'll get sick. But it's bearable! Totally bearable. We have health services have nurses and doctors that will take care of you. So if you've been sick starting from the weekend into the I have, they can check you out. Plus, there's always great food at TMC to cheer you up. Like grilled cheese and tomato soup! Which is of course what I had. It was delicious. On top of that, there's always people on your floor or in your classes who can empathize with you. Not only, do a lot of students get sick at the same time, but college students understand how hard it is to feel miserable and have class AND homework to do. So even though being sick is fun for no one, there are a lot of people and things to make your day a bit better for you.

Stay Healthy!

February 23, 2010

Cakes! Cakes! CAKES!!!


Yum yum chocolate. Yesterday was an unusual Monday for me. Usually I exercise, go to class, do homework, go to work, socialize, and do more homework. But not yesterday.

Yesterday, was my boyfriend's 20 birthday so I got out my measuring cups, ingredients, and cookbook to whip up a chocolate fudge cake then to make it unique I baked it in a teddy bear pan. However, the fun didn't end there. Next I decorated that cake with homemade frostings and candy. Sadly, the teddy bear cake ended up looking more like a kitty than a bear. But it still tested GREAT! However, I sure was surprised that my boyfriend had already received 2 cakes that day one from his floor friends and another from his mom. The poor guy. So much cake! It was quite a birthday. But that's whats cool about the UMM-there are some of greatest people in the world here in Morris and they know how to make birthdays as well as ordinary days into something special. :D


P.S Open Mic Nite this week! Free entertainment: music, humor, and more surprises to ease us into Friday and into the weekend.

February 21, 2010


It's been a crazy fun week here at Morris! Friday night was the Drag Show, which is always a big hit. It was my first time attending, and it was SUCH a riot! Then Saturday night I went to the Vagina Monologues (starring my coworker Mel!) with a few friends. It was incredibly well done and very moving! After the Vagina Monologues we hit up some refreshments and checked out the feminist art exhibition, "The Other F-Word".

This week is sure to be an interesting and busy week to. I've got a couple of midterms on Tuesday and Thursday. I have a ton of reading to catch up on (Remember: Procrastination=VERY BAD), and Thursday night there is a Spanish translator coming to Morris for a workshop in Humanities Fine Arts building. Then after that, I'll be swing dancing at the Regional Fitness Center!

Liz :)

Papers, Projects, Pillows Oh My!

Well these past few days have had their moments. I've got a paper due next Friday in my philosophy class and it is about an argument made by Plato. He argues for the human soul and how it is eternal and divine. It is an interesting argument and should be very fun to write a paper on. When it comes to projects my software design class is starting one very soon. We are creating an interface that will work with professors and students on class problems. What it will be able to do is take in a problem from the professor or TA, the class will be able to upload their solutions to the site, and the students will be able to see how they rank amongst the rest of the class when it comes to how "right" they were. Our class is going to be divided into three smaller groups more than likely. Each group will be responsible for a certain aspect of the project and at the end of the semester the professor who "hired" us will choose which aspects of the project are the best. So in short it is sort of a competition between groups in my class. I don't know as of yet who is in my group but I can't wait to get started. I'm also looking forward to my radio show on Thursday. It had to be skipped last week because neither of us, my roommate and I, could make it to the show. I've been working like crazy trying to find a job to have over the summer. As of right now I've got nothing. I've been applying for internships outside of Morris and I've been looking at working around here. Either way I need a job. Along with that I've been participating in my usual intramural sports. Basketball has at least been taking up an hour of each day. Adding my job to the mix makes getting homework done very hard. I've been managing though. I also recently went to the Vagina Monologues. They were very good. I feel like I came out of that with a better understanding. And with all the things I've been doing I've still managed to get some sleep. That is something I can't do without. At least 7 hours of sleep is what I get each night. It is enough for me to get through each day. thoughts.gif
- Catch Ya later

February 17, 2010

Spanish and Political Science classes oh My!

Being a Spanish and Political Science double fun and a lot of work! Right now, I'm taking Intermediate Spanish and Politics of East Asia. Spanish class has a conversation, grammar, presentation and Facebook component. Yes Facebook! As a class we set up a Spanish Facebook where we post pictures and comments all in Spanish. It's a fun way to use Spanish in a familiar, comfortable setting. In class we talk in Spanish constantly, which is a great way immerse yourself in the language. I'm excited for our presentations later on in the semester. This Friday is our first test, so wish me luck!

On the other hand, Political Science is filled with another language Chinese names of current and past leaders. In Politics of East Asia we start with learning the history and culture of China, move onto the Koreas and finally Japan. So far, in our class we have been covering China and it's Communist Revolution, Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution. One memorable class was when we had a Tea party with authentic green tea from Japan and China! It was really great to have class lecture while sipping on some integral Asian culture.

February 15, 2010

Ninja's Menagerie


Today was a monumental day for my radio show on KUMM for today was the very first time that my show actual had a title and went without any glitches. My show, 2-4pm on Mondays is called Nnja's Menagerie. What's unique about my show is that my show is Celtic, Folk, World, and unusual stuff. By unusual I mean-comedy routines such as Renaissance performer, Terry Foy's spoonerism routines, Weird Al, and Arrogant Worms' the Last Saskatchewan Pirate. I think my show is the only one on KUMM that focuses on those genres, which makes my show a challenge to produce each week because I have to bring the majority of the music from my own music library and other outside sources rather than the station's albums. However, compared to analyzing and applying rhetorical methodology to picture books, writing club constitutions, or digging through primary sources for European history-finding new Celtic and Folk artists is wonderful! :D I definitely recommend to any student that if he or she gets the opportunity to do a radio show at college to DO IT!!!!!!!! I love trying to figure out the best way to sequence the different songs so that the transitions are smooth between songs for example playing Flogging Molly back to back with Dropkick Murphys works much better than placing Flogging Molly back to back with folk artist, Gordon Lightfoot or Kate Rusby who has a completely different style and tempo of music.


February 14, 2010


It's Valentine's Day, and it was a great weekend for sweethearts in Morris! The Winter Dance Recital was excellent. Adventures in Mating was a success! (But the ending wasn't very romantic the night I went. It was interactive and the results were based on the choices of the audience. The play was surrounding a date between a guy and a girl. At the end of our version of the play the girl was so fed up with men that she stormed out of the restaurant proclaiming that she's decided to give dating women a try!) Then there was a BSU Dance on Saturday night, and who doesn't love dancing? No significant other? Not a problem! Gather some friends and all of the previous activities are just as fun!

There are a few local restaurants in town that you could take your sweetheart to. I would recommend Bella Cucina, the Italian restaurant. Delicious. If you're looking for more comfort food, Don's Cafe is a good choice too. Or maybe do some grocery shopping at Willie's Super Value and cook your own Valentine's Day dinner!

Windy Day Plans

Well I'm back! and boy is it chilly out. All this wind kind of keeps me trapped indoors.windy_5.png Luckily being a college student I know plenty of things to keep me busy.
1. I could study. I know what you're thinking "aren't you suppose to do that already?" By study I mean doing some extra study. Going the extra mile to make sure that I do my best in class.
2. I could spend time with roommates. Be it playing a video game, watching a movie, or just talking, spending time with the roommates is a great way of passing the time.
3. I could catch up on sleep. All I have to say for this one is one single word... NAP. You're never too old to take a nap. A nap is a great way to re-energize yourself for the rest of the day.
4. I could also clean my apartment. Though I am not a huge fan of this one it does need to be done on occasion.
5. Along with cleaning my apartment there is doing my laundry. Like an apartment, dirty laundry can get out of hand. One minute it is just a couple of socks and shirt then, next thing you know, there is a mountain of clothes in your room keeping you from working at your desk. The biggest drawback of doing laundry on campus is that in the apartments, where I'm at, you have to walk outside to get to the washers and dryers.
6. When it comes to me specifically I could do a little more work on the project that I have due on Tuesday.
I suppose given the living arrangements that one may be in the plans probably shift and change. If anyone can think of other ideas I could sure use them in case none of mine pan out.

February 11, 2010

Just spreading the awesomeness of UMM...

It's been a wonderful and busy week here at Morris! I've got my Area of Concentration form all filled out and such to add an International Studies Major to my Spanish major, applying for scholarships, busy classes, lots of homework...

One new thing, American Sign Language Club has been revived here at Morris! It's been...twelve years....I think, since it was an official club. We've had our second meeting this week and everyone is having such a fun time learning new signs and about Deaf culture!

This weekend there are a lot of fun stuff on campus! I can't go to all of them, but I plan on going to the Winter Dance Recital on Friday. I was in one dance last year. My Community Advisor, who is a dance minor, choreographed the dance. It was a lot of fun, and all of the dances were so original and wonderful and it was so great knowing that the majority of the dances were choreographed by UMM students.

Saturday I am attending Adventures in Mating, an interactive play that is student directed and is being performed at the Old No. 1, a local bar in Morris.

That's all for now. Take care and keep warm!

Liz :)

What's Happenin' on Campus!

Though it's easy to get into a routine when in college (eat-sleep-study-social life something in between) but there's also a ton of opportunities on-campus that will provide other reasons to get out of bed in the morning. Some of the events that are happening on campus currently, are the Blood Drive, Winter Dance Recital (this weekend), "Adventures in Mating" and the Feminist Art Gallery.

The Blood Drive of course is pretty self-explanatory, but the Winter Dance Recital is a dance recital made up of Dance minor dancers. This show promises culturally diverse dance numbers. Also, the dances performed have been choreographed by both professors and students which is really cool. What's even more cool, is the fact that all the ticket sale money will be donated to Haiti Relief. So this weekend, it's sure to be a popular event for the entertainment and charity purposes. Another production that gets a lot of notice, is the Morris theater group Meiningens is putting on a show about...well relationships with a humorous touch.

Along the art theme, in the Humanities and Fine Arts building is featuring various artists interpretation of Feminism, in various mediums. I personally visited the gallery and was really impressed at the different interpretations and representations behind various art pieces. The gallery is though-provoking for any person, male or female.

Up and coming events for this weekend and Valentine's Day which at Food Service will consist of Surf n' Turf! So bring on the sirloin and shrimp! So whether you're happily taken or contentedly single, everyone will be enjoying the delicious meal! I'm so excited to dig in!

Lastly, but of course not leastm FLOGGING MOLLY is coming to Morris. That's right, you did read my excited all caps words right, Flogging Molly is coming to Morris! Though this won't be for a while, it is all the buzz at Morris. So I along with hundreds of other Morris students are happy to take advantage to this band rock out in our own backyard:)


February 9, 2010

Still Chuggin' Along

Classes are still going well. I've already got one exam under my belt and am on my way to yet another exam. So far so good. As for the radio show, I have my first one this Thursday with one of the guys who lives in the apartment with me. If you want to know more about it just listen to KUMM on Thursday at 8 a.m. When it comes to the house plan for next year everything is signed and taken care of. The only thing to worry about now is getting all the necessary things to put in it. I need to find a bet and maybe a couch or something like that. I've got a Foosball table that I plan on bringing up so that should be pretty cool. I'm planning on bringing my bike up so I can save a dollar or two when it comes to gas. I haven't found a job quite yet so that is still on my list of things to do. I'm hoping to start my search sometime this week. That way I will hopefully have the whole thing figured out by the end of the month or maybe next month. Either way I really need to start soon so that I don't end up procrastinating and not finding a job at all. I suppose I could try and stay in admissions over the summer but I feel like I need to earn a little more money than I would make working here. Hopefully it all works out.
-Catch Ya Later

February 4, 2010

Tips For Getting Along With Your Roommate

I feel like as a High School Senior, friends, relatives, tell Seniors all their great memories about classes, friends, sports, clubs, study abroad and more about college. Yet, there is the one minor detail, your roommate! It's very essential that you build a friendly relationship with your roommate. Because, who are you sharing a room with? Who are you going to go to sleep and wake up to? Your roommate that's right!

So I've decided to give you some tips on dealing with your roommate, to make it a positive experience your first year.

1) Make sure you know when each other classes are. Just because it's always nice to know when your roommate has to get up at 7 for an 8 o'clock class.

2) Go over the basics: if they are a late night/early morning person, a library-studier, if they have a job outside of work. What they like to do on the weekends (if they go out of town a lot) or if they like to invite friends to stay in the dorm room with them. These are just helpful to know right away, so you know what to expect in a small living space.

3) Find out if they have a boyfriend/girlfriend. This may seem like a very personal question. But I think it's important because then you'll get to know why there's a late-night phone call or Skype session. Or maybe, why they seem upset or emotional. Knowing this information can be helpful, because you'll have some insight their personal life which can effect their school life and the way they relate to you.

4) Find out their study habits. I've mentioned this before, but I just want to reiterate that it's helpful to know if your roommate like to study in the student lounge, library, in your room, etc. If they study in your room, it's important you know this fact, because you want to give them space and all the quiet they need to concentrate.

5) Be clear about when you're going to bed/when you're coming back to the dorm. It's always nice to let your roommate know where you are, or how late you'll be. This may sound controlling, but it's always nice to know your roommate is safe. An easy way to fix this problem (and what some roommates do) is have a whiteboard outside your room, on your door. Then write your name and where you are. This saves you a lot of texting and calling. A whiteboard is especially helpful come finals time when college students are finishing up projects and studying of course!

That's all I've got for now, but I hope these are helpful. Of course every person is different with different personalities and ways of dealing with things, so it's just important you figure out a great way to communicate with your roommate for YOU.


February 2, 2010

An important lesson


So after spending the past weekend I have learned several valuable lessons on why students should stick around Morris on those glorious days, Saturdays and Sundays.

1) There has been freezin' rain recently-which means your poor car's doors are most likely frozen shut anyway and are going to stay that way.

2) Even if you do get into your car, it most likely won't start so you'll have to search for some kind generous soul to give your car a jump.

3) The car finally starts-however the heater isn't working so that by the time you get home your a human ice cube

4) Being home is a good time to get injured-Example A: Foreign object in eye, gets infected, swells up so you can't see, equaling that you spend most of a day in the doctor's office

5) Your mom decided earlier in the week that your old bedroom would make a good greenhouse and has covered every bare spot with several huge plants equaling you spend the weekend sleeping on the coach trying to ignore the pet cat's attempts to remove your toes.

6) Your professor moves his exam to Monday and you forgot your notes/textbook in your dorm room.

7) Your brother decided to try cooking something unusual-enough said :P

8) You have to read an online article for class on Monday but because the only thing you have at home is Dial-Up the article takes an hour to load then 45 minutes into loading the power goes out.

9) Because your eye still hurts from being infect you have to wait until the sun goes down to drive back to campus which is when you almost hit a deer.

10) You get back to campus only to realize that you forgot all the goodies your mom packed on the kitchen table. :(

There is an important lesson to be learned here-during the weekends stay in Morris-its safer and a lot more fun.