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An important lesson


So after spending the past weekend I have learned several valuable lessons on why students should stick around Morris on those glorious days, Saturdays and Sundays.

1) There has been freezin' rain recently-which means your poor car's doors are most likely frozen shut anyway and are going to stay that way.

2) Even if you do get into your car, it most likely won't start so you'll have to search for some kind generous soul to give your car a jump.

3) The car finally starts-however the heater isn't working so that by the time you get home your a human ice cube

4) Being home is a good time to get injured-Example A: Foreign object in eye, gets infected, swells up so you can't see, equaling that you spend most of a day in the doctor's office

5) Your mom decided earlier in the week that your old bedroom would make a good greenhouse and has covered every bare spot with several huge plants equaling you spend the weekend sleeping on the coach trying to ignore the pet cat's attempts to remove your toes.

6) Your professor moves his exam to Monday and you forgot your notes/textbook in your dorm room.

7) Your brother decided to try cooking something unusual-enough said :P

8) You have to read an online article for class on Monday but because the only thing you have at home is Dial-Up the article takes an hour to load then 45 minutes into loading the power goes out.

9) Because your eye still hurts from being infect you have to wait until the sun goes down to drive back to campus which is when you almost hit a deer.

10) You get back to campus only to realize that you forgot all the goodies your mom packed on the kitchen table. :(

There is an important lesson to be learned here-during the weekends stay in Morris-its safer and a lot more fun.