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Cakes! Cakes! CAKES!!!


Yum yum chocolate. Yesterday was an unusual Monday for me. Usually I exercise, go to class, do homework, go to work, socialize, and do more homework. But not yesterday.

Yesterday, was my boyfriend's 20 birthday so I got out my measuring cups, ingredients, and cookbook to whip up a chocolate fudge cake then to make it unique I baked it in a teddy bear pan. However, the fun didn't end there. Next I decorated that cake with homemade frostings and candy. Sadly, the teddy bear cake ended up looking more like a kitty than a bear. But it still tested GREAT! However, I sure was surprised that my boyfriend had already received 2 cakes that day one from his floor friends and another from his mom. The poor guy. So much cake! It was quite a birthday. But that's whats cool about the UMM-there are some of greatest people in the world here in Morris and they know how to make birthdays as well as ordinary days into something special. :D


P.S Open Mic Nite this week! Free entertainment: music, humor, and more surprises to ease us into Friday and into the weekend.