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Jam Packed Week Of Fun

This past week has been very busy. I've been doing all sorts of work when it comes to class. My project for software design is coming along swimmingly and will probably be finished tomorrow. I went on a bit of a "field trip" on Friday to the IBM plant in Rochester. The four and a half hour drive there was, as one would guess, pretty uneventful. When we got there the excitement began. We started off by checking in at the front office and walking to where the presentations would be given. The IBM plant is one very long building. It has a hallway that spans a distance of about one mile. Lucky for us the room we were in was in the next section of the building. After one presentation and question session we walked to another area of the building where IBM lets its' customers test out the software they are thinking about purchasing. The building was set up so that they could have more than one business in at a time. There were many different rooms full of computers used for testing purposes. In that same area is the man in charge of keeping track of the Blue Gene Super Computer. The computer itself was in a completely different building. After looking around for a while we walked back to the presentation room for three more speakers. The speakers talked about all the ways that IBM is working on making the world a better place. One of the speakers talked about how they keep such a large building energy friendly. Another one of the speakers talked about how IBM was working with the Mayo Clinic. I found that particular speaker very interesting. They talked about how with the Mayo Clinic they were finding new ways of looking inside the human body. One of the examples he gave us was how they were changing the way we see peoples' brains. The images we originally had to look at were in the hundreds. With each of those pictures a radiologist would have to look at them and decide if there are any abnormalities. Now, with the help of a computer, the radiologist can just look at what the computer gives them. The computer generates a three dimensional image with abnormalities it finds in red. Even though the computer may not find all the defects at once it gives the radiologist a better heads up to what is going on. After the speakers we headed out to a pizza place in Rochester for an hour of relaxation and mingling with the University of Minnesota Morris alumni that work at IBM.
Other things that I did with my week were playing intramural basketball, which we won :), read, worked on my project, and started to decide if I wanted to pick up another minor. I've been tossing the idea around for about a week now. I'm considering picking up a minor in Philosophy for fun. We'll see how that goes. Other events this week were that the men's basketball team took first place in the UMAC conference tournament. UMM 83, St. Scholastica 49 was the end of game score. So there was some pretty exciting stuff going on in Morris this past week. I wonder what this next will have to offer?
- Catch Ya Later