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Ninja's Menagerie


Today was a monumental day for my radio show on KUMM for today was the very first time that my show actual had a title and went without any glitches. My show, 2-4pm on Mondays is called Nnja's Menagerie. What's unique about my show is that my show is Celtic, Folk, World, and unusual stuff. By unusual I mean-comedy routines such as Renaissance performer, Terry Foy's spoonerism routines, Weird Al, and Arrogant Worms' the Last Saskatchewan Pirate. I think my show is the only one on KUMM that focuses on those genres, which makes my show a challenge to produce each week because I have to bring the majority of the music from my own music library and other outside sources rather than the station's albums. However, compared to analyzing and applying rhetorical methodology to picture books, writing club constitutions, or digging through primary sources for European history-finding new Celtic and Folk artists is wonderful! :D I definitely recommend to any student that if he or she gets the opportunity to do a radio show at college to DO IT!!!!!!!! I love trying to figure out the best way to sequence the different songs so that the transitions are smooth between songs for example playing Flogging Molly back to back with Dropkick Murphys works much better than placing Flogging Molly back to back with folk artist, Gordon Lightfoot or Kate Rusby who has a completely different style and tempo of music.