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Open Mic Night.

Hello everyone! So my friend Donald told me to blog about Open Mic Night here at Morris, so that's what I'm gonna do.

Every last Thursday of the month is Open Mic Night in the Turtle Mountain Café. It is THE place to be every last Thursday of the month. Well, I think so, anyway. You can express whatever talent you have, whether it be music, poetry, storytelling, comedy, ...anythihg. Most people sing, but it's always refreshing when people spice it up with something different. It's a great time to order a cappuccino at the start of the show and do your homework or chat with friends and see people you haven't for awhile due to scary, busy schedules.

And sometimes super secrets get revealed. (Like the fact that Flogging Molly is coming to Morris!) Conclusion: Open Mic Night is delightful.