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Papers, Projects, Pillows Oh My!

Well these past few days have had their moments. I've got a paper due next Friday in my philosophy class and it is about an argument made by Plato. He argues for the human soul and how it is eternal and divine. It is an interesting argument and should be very fun to write a paper on. When it comes to projects my software design class is starting one very soon. We are creating an interface that will work with professors and students on class problems. What it will be able to do is take in a problem from the professor or TA, the class will be able to upload their solutions to the site, and the students will be able to see how they rank amongst the rest of the class when it comes to how "right" they were. Our class is going to be divided into three smaller groups more than likely. Each group will be responsible for a certain aspect of the project and at the end of the semester the professor who "hired" us will choose which aspects of the project are the best. So in short it is sort of a competition between groups in my class. I don't know as of yet who is in my group but I can't wait to get started. I'm also looking forward to my radio show on Thursday. It had to be skipped last week because neither of us, my roommate and I, could make it to the show. I've been working like crazy trying to find a job to have over the summer. As of right now I've got nothing. I've been applying for internships outside of Morris and I've been looking at working around here. Either way I need a job. Along with that I've been participating in my usual intramural sports. Basketball has at least been taking up an hour of each day. Adding my job to the mix makes getting homework done very hard. I've been managing though. I also recently went to the Vagina Monologues. They were very good. I feel like I came out of that with a better understanding. And with all the things I've been doing I've still managed to get some sleep. That is something I can't do without. At least 7 hours of sleep is what I get each night. It is enough for me to get through each day. thoughts.gif
- Catch Ya later