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Spanish and Political Science classes oh My!

Being a Spanish and Political Science double major...is fun and a lot of work! Right now, I'm taking Intermediate Spanish and Politics of East Asia. Spanish class has a conversation, grammar, presentation and Facebook component. Yes Facebook! As a class we set up a Spanish Facebook where we post pictures and comments all in Spanish. It's a fun way to use Spanish in a familiar, comfortable setting. In class we talk in Spanish constantly, which is a great way immerse yourself in the language. I'm excited for our presentations later on in the semester. This Friday is our first test, so wish me luck!

On the other hand, Political Science is filled with another language Chinese names of current and past leaders. In Politics of East Asia we start with learning the history and culture of China, move onto the Koreas and finally Japan. So far, in our class we have been covering China and it's Communist Revolution, Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution. One memorable class was when we had a Tea party with authentic green tea from Japan and China! It was really great to have class lecture while sipping on some integral Asian culture.