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Tips For Getting Along With Your Roommate

I feel like as a High School Senior, friends, relatives, tell Seniors all their great memories about classes, friends, sports, clubs, study abroad and more about college. Yet, there is the one minor detail, your roommate! It's very essential that you build a friendly relationship with your roommate. Because, who are you sharing a room with? Who are you going to go to sleep and wake up to? Your roommate that's right!

So I've decided to give you some tips on dealing with your roommate, to make it a positive experience your first year.

1) Make sure you know when each other classes are. Just because it's always nice to know when your roommate has to get up at 7 for an 8 o'clock class.

2) Go over the basics: if they are a late night/early morning person, a library-studier, if they have a job outside of work. What they like to do on the weekends (if they go out of town a lot) or if they like to invite friends to stay in the dorm room with them. These are just helpful to know right away, so you know what to expect in a small living space.

3) Find out if they have a boyfriend/girlfriend. This may seem like a very personal question. But I think it's important because then you'll get to know why there's a late-night phone call or Skype session. Or maybe, why they seem upset or emotional. Knowing this information can be helpful, because you'll have some insight their personal life which can effect their school life and the way they relate to you.

4) Find out their study habits. I've mentioned this before, but I just want to reiterate that it's helpful to know if your roommate like to study in the student lounge, library, in your room, etc. If they study in your room, it's important you know this fact, because you want to give them space and all the quiet they need to concentrate.

5) Be clear about when you're going to bed/when you're coming back to the dorm. It's always nice to let your roommate know where you are, or how late you'll be. This may sound controlling, but it's always nice to know your roommate is safe. An easy way to fix this problem (and what some roommates do) is have a whiteboard outside your room, on your door. Then write your name and where you are. This saves you a lot of texting and calling. A whiteboard is especially helpful come finals time when college students are finishing up projects and studying of course!

That's all I've got for now, but I hope these are helpful. Of course every person is different with different personalities and ways of dealing with things, so it's just important you figure out a great way to communicate with your roommate for YOU.