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It's Valentine's Day, and it was a great weekend for sweethearts in Morris! The Winter Dance Recital was excellent. Adventures in Mating was a success! (But the ending wasn't very romantic the night I went. It was interactive and the results were based on the choices of the audience. The play was surrounding a date between a guy and a girl. At the end of our version of the play the girl was so fed up with men that she stormed out of the restaurant proclaiming that she's decided to give dating women a try!) Then there was a BSU Dance on Saturday night, and who doesn't love dancing? No significant other? Not a problem! Gather some friends and all of the previous activities are just as fun!

There are a few local restaurants in town that you could take your sweetheart to. I would recommend Bella Cucina, the Italian restaurant. Delicious. If you're looking for more comfort food, Don's Cafe is a good choice too. Or maybe do some grocery shopping at Willie's Super Value and cook your own Valentine's Day dinner!