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What's Happenin' on Campus!

Though it's easy to get into a routine when in college (eat-sleep-study-social life something in between) but there's also a ton of opportunities on-campus that will provide other reasons to get out of bed in the morning. Some of the events that are happening on campus currently, are the Blood Drive, Winter Dance Recital (this weekend), "Adventures in Mating" and the Feminist Art Gallery.

The Blood Drive of course is pretty self-explanatory, but the Winter Dance Recital is a dance recital made up of Dance minor dancers. This show promises culturally diverse dance numbers. Also, the dances performed have been choreographed by both professors and students which is really cool. What's even more cool, is the fact that all the ticket sale money will be donated to Haiti Relief. So this weekend, it's sure to be a popular event for the entertainment and charity purposes. Another production that gets a lot of notice, is the Morris theater group Meiningens is putting on a show about...well relationships with a humorous touch.

Along the art theme, in the Humanities and Fine Arts building is featuring various artists interpretation of Feminism, in various mediums. I personally visited the gallery and was really impressed at the different interpretations and representations behind various art pieces. The gallery is though-provoking for any person, male or female.

Up and coming events for this weekend and beyond...is Valentine's Day which at Food Service will consist of Surf n' Turf! So bring on the sirloin and shrimp! So whether you're happily taken or contentedly single, everyone will be enjoying the delicious meal! I'm so excited to dig in!

Lastly, but of course not leastm FLOGGING MOLLY is coming to Morris. That's right, you did read my excited all caps words right, Flogging Molly is coming to Morris! Though this won't be for a while, it is all the buzz at Morris. So I along with hundreds of other Morris students are happy to take advantage to this band rock out in our own backyard:)