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When Sick, Don't Get Behind!

So of course being sick is a period of time when you feel yucky and don't want to get out of bed. So naturally, living in a dorm close to people, and having stress, of COURSE you'll get sick. But it's bearable! Totally bearable. We have health services have nurses and doctors that will take care of you. So if you've been sick starting from the weekend into the week...like I have, they can check you out. Plus, there's always great food at TMC to cheer you up. Like grilled cheese and tomato soup! Which is of course what I had. It was delicious. On top of that, there's always people on your floor or in your classes who can empathize with you. Not only, do a lot of students get sick at the same time, but college students understand how hard it is to feel miserable and have class AND homework to do. So even though being sick is fun for no one, there are a lot of people and things to make your day a bit better for you.

Stay Healthy!