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YAY Classes

It's official, I am enjoying all of my classes. I really wish I had the time to pick up a philosophy minor. That would be awesome. I've also decided that I want to do a radio show with one of my roommates. I took my training test this morning so hopefully that all works out.232928576_92113d574d.jpg I'm not sure what I would do for a show though. The station is KUMM and they play alternative music so just about anything that isn't in the top 40 or that has been will work. I suppose that leaves me with a few options. I could sure use some suggestions.
I guess other things going on with me would be that I've found a house to live at next year with some of my roommates from this year. It's a nice five bedroom place with two living rooms, two bathrooms, and two kitchens. I'm pretty pumped. I'm also looking for a summer job. I'm going to be applying all over the place, in Morris that is. I don't feel like leaving for the summer. I'm hoping things work out that I can join a softball league or something like that to keep me busy.softball_shatter_ball.jpg If you haven't figured it out already I've just figured out that I can insert images into these blog entries. So much for being a computer science major. Speaking of computer science software design has been going pretty good. I've made it through one lab and am beginning another. I plan on really dedicating myself to this class.
Well I need to get going.
- Catch Ya Later