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Back in Action

I'm back in Morris and it's beautiful here! It's still windy of course...but it's sunny and there's no more snow. So I'm pretty happy :) However, the homework load isn't any lighter from coming back from break. Actually April is coming up fast which means a lot of paper and presentation deadlines...yikes. But the weather's nice so it makes doing homework outside very enjoyable! I also received my midterms back which went excellent! All my studying apparently paid off. It's weird to think that I'm almost done with my first year of college. It's becoming apparent to me as the weather gets warmer, and the work load as far as papers are due within these next 2 weeks....meaning it's almost summer! I'm excited to register for classes for next year. Dorky, yes but it's nice to have a plan and interesting classes to look forward to.

Lately, outside of school, I've been training for a duathlon I plan on doing this coming May. I've been running outside. I really enjoyed running around Pomme De Terre, it was so gorgeous Sunday afternoon. As the weather gets warmer, I plan on running outside to strengthen my lungs and build more endurance. Plus, running outside is a lot more realistic for me to visual the actually race, instead of trying to visualize it on a treadmill... Overall, the running has helped become a fun stress outlet for myself throughout the week. Running takes away my stress and I feel so accomplished after a run. With this nice weather, it's motivating me even more to hit the road and enjoy the sun.