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Hablo Espanol!

So lately it seems my life has surrounded Spanish class. Yes I am a proud Spanish major! Not only is class really fun and interesting, but Voice Unidas our on-campus Spanish group also has a lot of opportunities to learn, speak (and even learn Dance like salsa!) about Hispanic culture. A couple weeks ago I went to the Spanish Conversation table one evening and had a blast. Though it can be difficult to speak in another language it's fun to meet new people and slowly get more comfortable speaking in Spanish. Also, at the end of the hour, I felt super accomplished that I managed to have an hour-longish conversation in Spanish.

This week, on Thursday (tomorrow) Voces Unidas is holding a poetry reading and I'm going to read a poem by Mario Benedetti called "No Te Rindas." If you know some Spanish, this poem is really beautiful and I highly recommend reading it. "No Te Rindas" means don't give up! This poetry reading was originally planned to surround the theme of immigration, however other pieces on all sorts of topics are now being welcomed as well. It'll be really exciting to hear different pieces while sipping on hot Chocolate and nibbling on churros! I'm looking forward to a cultural and laid-back atmosphere tomorrow in Turtle Mountain Cafe. It'll be a relaxing end to an already busy school week.

Hasta Luego