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I can taste spring!

Everyone chant with me..."Spring break...Spring break...Spring break..."

All that is separating me from one week of relaxation is a bunch of readings and work and meetings. Well...sort of a week of relaxation. I'll be home (How exciting!), sleeping in, eating my parents' food, bumming about the house, and helping my sister and brother-in-law paint the basement of their new house. Unfortunately I have three papers and a bunch of reading to work on over break, hence the fact that I'm not going anywhere fun like Florida or Mexico.

Someday I'll be in Cancun or the Bahamas or somewhere warm over Spring Break. I guess It's getting a little warmer here. The weather is teasing us right now. It's getting warmer and the snow is melting, but everything is still all white and brown and dirty. Give it a month, and Morris is absolutely gorgeous in the springtime.

My Spanish professor mentioned today how the character or people changes depending on the season, and it is so true! This means that everyone in Minnesota must have multiple personality disorder. January was such a depressing, tired month for everyone, but it just makes spring that much better! Everyone is all of a sudden so happy and energetic. I'm so excited to wear shorts and cotton dresses and sandals and go on walks late at night and not feel my face freeze up and fall off...

Take care everyone!

Liz :)