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Just Another Day.

What a ridiculous week. I was amazed and pleased to find that today, after doing homework all morning and studying for a test and taking a test and going to three classes, that I had two free hours with nothing to do this afternoon, and strolled home and watched Community (I have determined that I WILL marry Joel McHale someday), before returning to campus at 4:30, hanging out with some friends for awhile, and going to work at 5:00. American Sign Language Club at 6:30, then back to work for a little while.

Some good news is that I totally rocked my examen écrit en French today. Y mi examen español ayer. Now I just need to get that silly French oral exam out of the way. And my Spanish presentation on Jorge Luis Borges. And then I am home free for Easter weekend.

I am also one step closer to getting my area of concentration in International Studies. I got one of my political science classes approved for next year. Now I just need an economics class approved, to revise my area of concentration plan, get it signed and approved by my advisor, the Division Chair, and the Chancellor. Then, instead of saying I PLAN to be a Spanish and International Studies major, I can say "YES, I AM a Spanish and International Studies major."

Which is way cooler.