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So after a week of vacation-relaxing, home cooking, hanging with friends, and sleeping in-the UMM student body is back in full swing for the final before FINALS! I thought I was busy before Spring Break-HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! I've got a midterm to study for, a book to write and illustrate, storybooks to analyze, martial arts to practice, a history project to work on, Flogging Molly ticket to buy (concert is in April), homework for Personal Finance class (this class started after Spring Break), movies to watch for my history class, the list go on and on.

But there's also a lot of stuff going on around campus such as Quidditch tournaments will be starting again, a inter-dorm ping-pong tournament, Bad Movie club, 80's prom/dance hosted by the UMM's student drama club, Open Mic Night-that's what I forgot I need to prepare a story!

But the best part is that the sun is out and its WARM!!!!!!!!! No more winter! ^_^ I love it!


So now I'm off to hit the books and have some pie! mmm...good!