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Nice Weather!

So I'm super excited as to how nice the weather has been and how nice it is suppose to be. I even managed to go outside and toss around a football for a little bit with one of my roommates.74353767_04c2efc838.jpg
It's a nice change of pace from the cold from last week to the warmth of this week. We had an admitted students day which seemed to go well. I saw tons of young people (I'm so old really) walking around just taking in the campus. I wanted to do something crazy but why scare them away now? Anyway classes are back in full swing and exams seem to be coming one by one as expected. I've already taken one exam in history and have another on the way in philosophy. My computer science class has been diligently working on our project and hopefully we will start to see some results soon. I suppose the next thing I have to look forward to is finals, but that is something to be saved for another entry. Well I better get going.
-Catch Ya Later