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Plane Ticket? Check.

Hello all!

So great news, I have officially bought my ticket to Dublin, Ireland! I shall be commencing my adventure on May 16 and returning to America on June 21. I've met all of the people I shall be traveling and living with and they are all wonderful. The plan of action is to travel to Germany for a week after the four weeks of Ireland and fly out of Frankfurt. I am so incredibly excited. And nervous. But mostly excited. I splurged and bought myself a new backpack for traveling. It's Rick Steve's Convertible Carry On, because I read that if you are under 5'6" you shouldn't have a backpack bigger than 22", and at a mere 5'2" the 21" backpack will probably be worth it.

Speaking of Ireland, I have bought my ticket to Flogging Molly! The concert is already sold out and people are fighting for tickets!

Until then there is a lot to do. I can't believe there is only six weeks until I leave! It's time to start thinking about final projects and papers. That's if you don't want to procrastinate, which I would not recommend.

At least it's getting nice out though. Reading outside in the sun is so much more enjoyable then cooped up in the library!