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Random bits of stuff


Sadly I don't have any thoughts that are long enough for a substantial blog. However, I do have a solution-random news tidbits!

1) Aloe Vera juice doesn't taste bad but the pulp is rather chewy.
2) Spring Break is coming up-HUZZAH!!!
3)There's a Latin Formal Dance this Friday! Tango time!!! ;)
4) Ninja's Menagerie played on KUMM from 2-4pm on Monday without a fluke!
5) After spending the entire past weekend completing my FAFSA and taxes using only a dial-up connection. I realized why I love high speed internet
6) No snow in the forecast and the weather is getting warmer perhaps I'll be able to do some hiking this weekend.
7) The time for applying for summer jobs is happening NOW-I'm working on revising my resume and filling out applications for being an intern or a camp counselor.
8) Research-Although I don't have any tests next week I do have some major research projects to work on such as my portfolio on British women during the Great War and illustrating a children book.
9) Nancy Carlson, an author and illustrator is coming to my Rhetoric of Picture Books class on Friday! Hooray, a break from the ordinary routine!
10) Librivox, free audio books online can be a great way of getting out of reading assigned books for history class. Example: I was assigned to read Hendrick Ibsen's "A Doll House" however, that play is on librivox which made the story a lot more enjoyable than if I had just read it.
11) Midterms next week-Oh NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!