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Spring Break

Wooo! No class for a whole week! I have so much free time! Yet, I don't know what to do with any of it. I've been doing a lot of relaxing lately but that just doesn't seem like enough. I've decided to dedicate part of my break to a summer job hunt. I've been all over town getting applications from different places. Now all I need to do is fill them out. As for the rest of my free time I plan on dedicating it to studying for the history exam I have when I get done with break. It should be interesting because I need to get familiar with three different books. I'm sure I can handle it. Other than that I've been keeping myself busy by going to the RFC with my nephews and being lazy pure and simple. I know, it sounds like I lead a very interesting life but to knock it till you try it. I'm not exactly dreading being done with break. As a matter of fact I actually look forward to going back to class. It may not seem like much but that is my spring break.
- Catch Ya Later