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Spring is in the air!

Finally on campus, the air is a bit warmer, there's little wind and YES the snow is melting. Slowly, of course, but the sun and all college students are doing their best to bring about spring. Of course, there's spring fever going around. Not only are all of us students ready for warmer walks to class, but there's also Spring Break coming up! Which is very exciting and strange to think how fast this semester has flown by. I think it's true that as you enter college, the school year just flies by.

Next, week are when most people have midterms or big projects due. I am fortunate to only have one, possibly two midterms. My first, and definite Midterm is for my East Asia Politics and Government class. The other, that I'm still not sure I might have is a midterm/test for Analytic Feminism which is a challenging Philosophy class I'm take this semester. I'm not too nervous for either because I now have at least one semester (last semester) Midterms down, so I know how to study for them, I'm pretty sure. Though, all I admit, it can be hard when the weather is getting so nice out! But that will make all the studying worth it, when, I leave on Friday next week and know that I get to do whatever I want for a whole week! I of course, plan on going back to my hometown of Roseville, MN. Which is a close, close suburb of St.Paul. I'm excited to see my family and my cute dog Daisy!

On a completely other note, I have started training for an Duathlon which is at the end of May. A duathlon consists of a 5k (3 mile) run, following by a 33k bike and ends with another 5K run. The duathlon is the Sartell Apple Duathlon in Sartell, MN. This year my boyfriend asked if I wanted to be on his team. He is an experienced biker and I love to run. So, this past week, once I got over being sick, I started hitting the gym again. I'm really excited because I've never competed before. Here, in Morris the Regional Fitness Center has a training program for students interested in training for triathlons...however, I'm not a huge fan of swimming. Although, I do enjoy running and biking, the whole swimming part, just isn't my thing. So even though, the program sounded intense, but rewarding, I don't think I'm ready to compete in a swim-bike-run competition yet. Either way, I can't wait to get out and run in warm weather!