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April 28, 2010

Where did the year go???

I cannot BELIEVE there is only two weeks left of the semester! ZOMG. The year has sped by. Today I bought myself CLIF protein bars to get myself through the next two weeks of papers and projects and studying. Last summer when I was backpacking with my friend Lindsay, we were hanging out under a bridge in Paris with these three Californian dudes waiting for the train station to open (Don't ask.) and one of them pulled out a CLIF bar and said, "I'm not sure why, but these tasted REALLY good during finals week". I thought it tasted like tar, but now I really like them. It's like instant energy. I need to have them whenever it's finals week now.

I met with the group of lovelies that are going to Ireland with me. Seventeen days before we leave. It's crazy. Everyone is so excited. I've started packing up my apartment since I don't want to have to deal with all of my moving out and packing and finals in the same week. We're planning on going to Germany for one week, and will for sure go to a concentration camp. Other than that, we're not sure what we'll do now.

I'm going home this weekend for my brother's baseball game and to watch him strut his stuff in the Grand March at Prom. So I'm also trying to do as much work as I can so I don't have to think about too much this weekend.

Oh. So there was a BEAR in Morris today. Some women hit it with her car last night and called the police. The cops didn't believe her. I can't entirely blame them. Black bears don't generally inhabit Morris.

Bearsssssss in Morrissss

Today a bear was spotted on East 9th street and Oregon Avenue in Morris! So it's big news in Morris. But at least it wasn't a cougar...Morris cougars anyone? hahaha. Still, it's a black bear that doesn't want to come down.

Police and firefighters want to keep pedestrians outside a 2 block radius. Of course it teaches law enforcement and the surrounding people patience right? A woman apparently reported hitting the bear while driving at 11pm yesterday night. Morris police tried to drive the bear out of the area. However, the bear decided it would climb a tree for safety.

DNR officials think the bear will come down and leave at night. Especially with onlookers the bear is probably scared to climb down. A tranquilizer gun was out of the question because in a residential area shooting in the air would be dangerous. The bear is18 months old 150 lbs. and official have said that they will wait for the bear to leave on its own accord.

Either way, I'm sure the bear just wanted to check out the Morris campus...because come on who wouldn't?



April 26, 2010



Today was proof that Mondays can be amazing. (knock on wood). First my Rhetoric professor decided to cancel class for the rest of the week so that my classmates and myself would have more time to work on the picturebooks we are writing and illustrating for that class.

Then my history professor gave me an extension for my project on Women Espionage Agents in Europe because of the difficulty of finding enough source material.

But the day gets even better...

On Mondays, I host my radio show: Ninja's Menagerie: A collection of Celtic rock, Folk, World, and Humor music to rescue you on a boring Monday afternoon. But this afternoon, I did the show a little different. For today's show, there was a music war between Ninja and Captain Kay (a pirate) throughout the show. There were a wide variety of songs such as "Seven Deadly Sins" by Flogging Molly and "Kung Fu Fighting" by Carl Douglas. The war came to end with the tunes of "Why Can't We Be Friends?" by Smashmouth and "Men in Tights" by the Merry Men Singers. Finding the music and then coordinating the different pieces took a long time so I was very pleased when everything went off without a hitch.


Now I just need to do some intensive reading and writing for my project and draw like mad to finish all my projects before next week. But hey, today was living proof that Mondays can be good days.

Plus there's Open Mic Nite to look forward to later this week, since its the last one of the year it promises to be really great. I already heard that there will be a comic routine, great singing, and a few other humorous sketches. Perhaps, I'll brush up on my storytelling and tell a tale or two.


April 25, 2010

As You Like It and Dancing in the Street

What a busy weekend this was! There was so many things going on campus. On Thursday night, I attended the 100 percent eco-friendly production of Shakespeare's "As You Like It" and it was amazing. The costumes were so retro and modern, I loved it.

On Friday night I went to the Dance Ensemble production, "Dancing in the Street", which was also awesome. I actually saw it twice because I volunteered to usher on Saturday night. I like seeing the shows more than much to see what I missed or help me understand the dances or just enjoy them twice as much. There were hip hop numbers, interpretive, pop, kicklines, duets, solos...everything. And I wanted a free ticket. :)

Saturday was the sign language concert. It was a lovely success. My mom, sister, and grandma came to watch me. :) We all went to the Common Cup afterwards for coffee and chitchat.

This was such a crazy, busy weekend for everyone! It was nice though, since there's going to be solid two weeks of studying and paper writing. It's going to be gross.

Great Week

What a week. I had so much to do and I had so little free time. I'm okay with that though. Most of my time was taken up by fun stuff. I did the usual classes, project, work, and intramural sports but to add to the week I got to work security on Wednesday for FLOGGING MOLLY! It was pretty freakin awesome. In some way it was kind of bad just because no one likes to be the bad guy. As security we had to make sure no one started mosh pits and tried to crowd surf. All in all people were pretty well behaved. They tried to start a few mosh pits but after a few warnings they stopped and just had a good time. It was pretty awesome getting to stand so close and also get into it for free. We were really worried that we wouldn't get to keep our shirts but one amongst our ranks managed to convince the guitarist to talk to our boss and talk him into letting us keep our shirts. It worked :) The opening act was pretty good as well. They were Big D and the Little Kid's Table. I'm not sure what kind of music they were like because my ear plugs made it hard to hear them. On Saturday I worked at the Tin-man Triathlon at the finish line and clean up afterward. It was pretty cool but I didn't really see a whole lot of it since I slept in until I needed to leave to get there at noon. I got a shirt for doing that as well. After all that excitement all I have left for the weekend is to write the rough draft for my philosophy paper. Well that is all I've got for now.
-Catch Ya Later

April 21, 2010

Mastering the art of philosophy

So it's getting down to the final weeks of school which is great. However, I've been working on a analytic feminism philosophy paper which will (hopefully) be my first 10 page paper in college! Analytic Feminism has been an interesting class. Most of the time I come back to my dorm with my head thinking about a million different things just because the topics we talk about are so broad and controversial. So this philosophy class always challenges my mind and my body because it's about an hour and forty minutes to sit in a chair! But slowly I've come to look forward to our discussions which we have every Thursday. I've really enjoyed getting together with a small group of students and discuss important but complicated issues surrounding feminism.

But now that the year is winding down, I have a final paper for analytic feminism to start writing.
As my professor went over the assignment this week in class, all of us students went silent. Being a big reader, English papers came easy to me in high school. So you'd think writing a paper wouldn't be that daunting. But, philosophy papers have a different format in terms of it's overall tone and structure. So, on the bright side I've learned earlier this semester how to write a short (about 3 pages) philosophical paper.

Although now, it's the big end of the year it's got to be good! Right? I've got to go out of the semester of philosophy with a bang! Easier said then done though. However, I've already gotten a great start to it, so my my mind is somewhat at ease about it. I have to say that the toughest thing in college and this philosophy class/paper is that the professor gives us students the opportunity to choose the topic for our papers. Though it gives us freedom to find something we personally find interesting, it can be hard to settle on one issue. Also, since this paper has to be longer it don't want to take on a broad topic such as ethics of care and justice, ecofeminism, female appearance or whether Plato was a feminist! There's also an endless amount of topics to choose, but it's great to settle on something you have a definite opinion about. Anyways, I'll let you know how it goes as I progress through my first draft.


April 20, 2010



They are one of the biggest Celtic punk bands in the United States as well as being a big name internationally.

So who ever said nothing ever happens in Morris? Interesting fact: Flogging Molly is only performing in Morris and the Twin Cities while in Minnesota.

But there is lots of other stuff happening on campus this week such as the Green production (the set and the costumes are made out of recyclable materials) of Shakespeare's As You Like it. The Jazz Dance-that's when the jazz ensembles provide live music for the dance, I went to one last semester and it was definitely better than the typical DJ. Plus there are Dance Ensemble performances Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The Dance Ensemble includes plenty of variety in kinds of dances such as African, Indian, high kicks, jazz, tap, swing and many more. Either way this week is going to be filled with lots of great music and dancing opportunities. With that and Martial Arts/Taekwondo practices what more can a ninja ask for?




April 18, 2010

Who knew trashy could be so chic?

I went to Fashion Trashion last Friday and it was so amazing! Some of the outfits didn't even look like trash! Studio Art students made their outfits out of so many things, from Ramen noodle packages to cigarrette cartons to used coffee filters. It was in the Black Box Theatre of HFA. That's my favorite theatre on campus. It's so intimate. There was also a preview of How You Like It during Fashion Trashion and I am officially pumped to see this play. It's going to be amazing. I know I have said this before, but it never ceases to amaze me how much artistic talent there is on this campus.

The event was free and fabulous.

Saturday night the UMMY's were held (also free!). Students create short films which are shown and then win various UMMY's. (GET IT?!?! It's like the emmy awards, but it's the UMMY AWARDS. Cause we're UMM...Emmy, UMMY...) Anyway, the films were excellent this year. I'm terrible at film making. I've never taking an class for it and I've only had to make a short film once for my French class last semester. It was fun, but the editing process was so tedious to me. The knowledge that editing these films is so time consuming definitely helps me appreciate the effort made by those contributing with the film.

Busy week ahead

Well I don't plan on getting much sleep this week. I have quite a bit planned for myself. On Monday I plan on watching my high school play a softball game here with a friend from high school. After that on Monday I have intramural basketball. On Tuesday I have a lab which I will learn PHP for computer science to help with our project. I also have to work that day. Wednesday is the busiest day of them all. I am working security for the Flogging Molly concert. I have no idea what time I need to be there and I have no idea of what time I will get to leave or will want to leave. I hope the security guys get t-shirts for working. That would be sweet. Thursday is a lighter day but I still have class and work to go to. I also have a radio show with my roommate at 8 am. Friday is my day to wind down. I plan on relaxing as much as humanly possible. Hopefully this week doesn't go by too fast though. I'm really looking forward to working at the Flogging Molly concert. I still have all my classes to go to but they will probably go by fast since my afternoons are so busy as well. My weekend is pretty busy as well. I am working the tin-man triathlon. I'm also going to the dance ensemble show.
Well that's all I've got for now.
-Catch Ya Later

April 15, 2010

Today was ok.

This has been a crazy week. Humans vs. Zombies has taken over campus. Seriously, everyone is completely crazy. Not in a psychotic sort of way. Just in a "trying-not-to-get-your-brains-eaten" way. So the best kind of crazy. I'm not playing, but most of my friends are.

For ASL there is a concert next week. I've had my songs by Lady Gaga and MGMT's "Electric Feel" stuck in my head all week. And probably all next week.

Today was quite a good day. I went for a run. I bought computer ink. I went to class. I signed Lady Gaga songs. I read my history readings in preparation for discussion tomorrow on the mall. It was nice and sunny and warm. Then I went to work. Now I'm here.

Also, my area of concentration has been signed by the Division Chair and I've mailed it off to the Dean and hopefully it gets approved. One step closer!

AND I had a doctors appointment yesterday to make sure I'm alive and well and able to travel and the doctor signed a sheet for my study abroad program. So that's one step closer too.

So that's all. See you later!

April 13, 2010

Duathlon update

So last week I was sick with a fever, a nasty cough and almost a sinus infection. To say the least it was not fun. So I took 4 days off my running training. Later last weekend, I got over it and was back at the gym. This past weekend, I biked for over an hour and a half with my boyfriend. We biked around It was such a beautiful weekend! Later, on Sunday we ran 5 miles. So I'm definitely getting into the groove on my training.

I'm also thinking about running a half marathon in August for a Kenyan Aid organization. A half marathon is about 13 miles, so I think by then I'll have worked my way up to that. It's all a process! Either way, I'm just glad I've found a hobby I really enjoy. It also complements my school work because whenever I'm stressed, I can always train/exercise as an stress outlet.


April 12, 2010

What an eco-friendly, zombie obsessed campus.

So next weekend is the production of As You Like It by the University of Minnesota Morris. Just another Shakespeare production we've seen before, you think? No. There is an awesome green twist on this one. The costumes are all made from recycled materials. Old CD's jeans, juice boxes, anything they could scrounge up. The associate director, Ray Schultz (also a theater professor here at Morris) says the cast goal was to have the production be 100% eco friendly.

The Trashion Show is this weekend. the name says it all. Students form clothing out of trash and model it for the audience. I've never been to a trashion show, but I have a couple friends in it, and one told me that this was a huge event, and I should show up quite early. Last year the Chancellor had to stand!

Last week was just scary, crazy productive for me. Two papers and two presentations, ugh. So I relaxed this weekend. It was nice. But, it's back to the daily grind now. Except that there are zombies all over campus due to mass interest in the Human vs. Zombies game going on. I'm not playing, I didn't want to go to class paranoid. But I sat on the mall and watched people get "killed" and socks thrown at them, and holding signs proclaiming "THE END IS NIGH".

Zombie Invasion!


They are coming for you! They are everywhere! They'll eat your brains! And the humans onlly have their socks and their wits to defend themselves. That's right zombies have invaded the University of Minnesota Morris. Today at noon marked the first day of the Zombies versus Humans war here on campus.

So what is it, you might ask? Zombies vs. Humans is a campus wide version of tag between two teams (zombies and humans) for ten days on campus. The zombies try to tag (infect) as many Humans as possible while the Humans do their best to fend off the zombies by throwing socks at them which will paralyze the zombies for about 15 minutes so that they can escape. However, once infected the Human joins the Zombie team and has to try to infect other people. Participants show that they are playing by wearing bandannas: on your arms if your human or on your head/ neck if your a zombie. Most of the students on campus are playing the game which is pretty cool. Plus there are daily missions for the Humans and Zombies to keep the game interesting such as the Humans have to escort the Director of Student Activities across campus without him getting infected by the mobs of zombies.

zombie vs human.jpg

People are really getting into the spirit of game. I've been carrying a supply of balled up socks as I creep around campus trying my best to avoid the zombies. Other Humans have started to walk in pairs so as to better fend off the zombie ambushes.

There are 320 people playing. One zombie has been reported so far. Tomorrow more Humans (the Resistance) will be reported as having turned into Zombies.

So the real question is how long will a NINJA last against the Zombies?




Reference: Above picture is an illustration from the book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith

April 11, 2010

This Entry Needs No Name...

Well I've been busy with a project, tests, and classes so I should have plenty of things to talk about in this entry. The project is going pretty good so far. My group ended up demoing last Wednesday so we had one final push to get all the components ready for the customer. She liked what she saw but still wanted more. Luckily for us, presenting on Wednesday meant we had time to fix things before it was due on Friday. So we worked another day on it to get out the final bugs and to tweak it. We will be finding out on Monday who will be in our new groups. Just when I got used to working with my team my professor has to go and change them. Thanks Nic. The days are getting longer but it is also getting much nicer out. With the nice weather I have been able to spend more time outside and not in the "dungeon", for you non-CSCI majors and non-UMMers, the dungeon is the computer lab were most of the Computer Science classes have their labs. Actually I'm almost positive that is where all of them have their labs. Anyway I've been looking into summer jobs and hopefully I will know within the next few weeks as to if I have a job. One of the things that I applied for is and REU at Dakota State University. It is Research Experience for Undergraduates. I would get so study some form of computer security and get paid for it. If that doesn't work out I have applied for a few jobs around town here in Morris. I applied for a job with Community Education for a position as a peewee coach and as an umpire. If the REU doesn't work out I really hope that is the job I get.
Oh Yeah humans vs. zombies starts this week. Basically it is a massive game of zombie tag going on through out campus. It is going to be insane.
Well that is all I've got for now.
Catch Ya Later.

April 6, 2010

Eggs & Nuggets of Advice

Easter this past weekend, was a great time for my family and me. I was able to finally see all the relatives on my dad's side of the family all 9 of his brothers and 2 of his sisters. He is the youngest of 12 which means any gathering with that side, ensures tons of conversations and stories! I think that was what made my Easter so special this year: the stories. Being away at Morris and coming home in the Cities, it always amazes how hungry I am for the latest news or funny incidents my uncles or aunts have gotten into. On the same note, my uncles, aunts and cousins always want to know how college is treating me. I always reply, "pretty well," with a smug smile. It's always nice to have family members be genuinely interested in your school work but it does get repetitive telling 11+ different people your major...Anyways, another high point of this last weekend was the Easter food! Our family is big on ham, so I had lots of it, along with chocolate. It was delicious and well needed. Guess what? There's only about 5 weeks left of school and I've realized how much I've missed home-cooked food.

It's crazy to think how fast this year went by. I remember writing my first blog..Yikes! It seems like 2 weeks ago, I was packing up/jamming all my clothes, books and bedding into my family's car! Just a bit ago, I was meeting my roommate, finding my classes and walking around Main Street in Morris. The year has flown by and the Easter holiday definitely reminded me how much more comfortable I've become talking and being a college student. Though there's still more paper, presentations and tests to go. I'm comfortable to know that I've made it through this year and I'm still having fun and smiling! Which is the most important thing after all, right?

One piece of advice I would give to freshmen is that in your first year of college, try to remain balanced. A constant struggle for me and for other freshmen I've talked to, is to try to achieve a delicate balance between studying and having fun. It's very easy to either become consumed by homework or go off the deep-end into procrastination. Though, I often realize I study a lot more than attending clubs, I've constantly tried to plan fun things throughout my week. One of them that I've mentioned in my previous blog post was the Spanish Voces Unidas/Spanish Conversation Table. I really enjoy going to various Spanish group events. Last semester, I scheduled in Hatha Yoga classes which they offer here at our on-campus gym or the Regional Fitness Center (the RFC as we call it for short) for FREE! Either way, I just can't stress how much students need a breather from school. Though I don't advocate procrastination...I highly recommend planning and structuring your time as efficiently as possible. It'll make college a lot more bearable and interesting if you vary up your routine and/or your week with things NOT related to school work.