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As You Like It and Dancing in the Street

What a busy weekend this was! There was so many things going on campus. On Thursday night, I attended the 100 percent eco-friendly production of Shakespeare's "As You Like It" and it was amazing. The costumes were so retro and modern, I loved it.

On Friday night I went to the Dance Ensemble production, "Dancing in the Street", which was also awesome. I actually saw it twice because I volunteered to usher on Saturday night. I like seeing the shows more than much to see what I missed or help me understand the dances or just enjoy them twice as much. There were hip hop numbers, interpretive, pop, kicklines, duets, solos...everything. And I wanted a free ticket. :)

Saturday was the sign language concert. It was a lovely success. My mom, sister, and grandma came to watch me. :) We all went to the Common Cup afterwards for coffee and chitchat.

This was such a crazy, busy weekend for everyone! It was nice though, since there's going to be solid two weeks of studying and paper writing. It's going to be gross.