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Bearsssssss in Morrissss

Today a bear was spotted on East 9th street and Oregon Avenue in Morris! So it's big news in Morris. But at least it wasn't a cougar...Morris cougars anyone? hahaha. Still, it's a black bear that doesn't want to come down.

Police and firefighters want to keep pedestrians outside a 2 block radius. Of course it teaches law enforcement and the surrounding people patience right? A woman apparently reported hitting the bear while driving at 11pm yesterday night. Morris police tried to drive the bear out of the area. However, the bear decided it would climb a tree for safety.

DNR officials think the bear will come down and leave at night. Especially with onlookers the bear is probably scared to climb down. A tranquilizer gun was out of the question because in a residential area shooting in the air would be dangerous. The bear is18 months old 150 lbs. and official have said that they will wait for the bear to leave on its own accord.

Either way, I'm sure the bear just wanted to check out the Morris campus...because come on who wouldn't?