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Duathlon update

So last week I was sick with a fever, a nasty cough and almost a sinus infection. To say the least it was not fun. So I took 4 days off my running training. Later last weekend, I got over it and was back at the gym. This past weekend, I biked for over an hour and a half with my boyfriend. We biked around It was such a beautiful weekend! Later, on Sunday we ran 5 miles. So I'm definitely getting into the groove on my training.

I'm also thinking about running a half marathon in August for a Kenyan Aid organization. A half marathon is about 13 miles, so I think by then I'll have worked my way up to that. It's all a process! Either way, I'm just glad I've found a hobby I really enjoy. It also complements my school work because whenever I'm stressed, I can always train/exercise as an stress outlet.