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Eggs & Nuggets of Advice

Easter this past weekend, was a great time for my family and me. I was able to finally see all the relatives on my dad's side of the family all 9 of his brothers and 2 of his sisters. He is the youngest of 12 which means any gathering with that side, ensures tons of conversations and stories! I think that was what made my Easter so special this year: the stories. Being away at Morris and coming home in the Cities, it always amazes how hungry I am for the latest news or funny incidents my uncles or aunts have gotten into. On the same note, my uncles, aunts and cousins always want to know how college is treating me. I always reply, "pretty well," with a smug smile. It's always nice to have family members be genuinely interested in your school work but it does get repetitive telling 11+ different people your major...Anyways, another high point of this last weekend was the Easter food! Our family is big on ham, so I had lots of it, along with chocolate. It was delicious and well needed. Guess what? There's only about 5 weeks left of school and I've realized how much I've missed home-cooked food.

It's crazy to think how fast this year went by. I remember writing my first blog..Yikes! It seems like 2 weeks ago, I was packing up/jamming all my clothes, books and bedding into my family's car! Just a bit ago, I was meeting my roommate, finding my classes and walking around Main Street in Morris. The year has flown by and the Easter holiday definitely reminded me how much more comfortable I've become talking and being a college student. Though there's still more paper, presentations and tests to go. I'm comfortable to know that I've made it through this year and I'm still having fun and smiling! Which is the most important thing after all, right?

One piece of advice I would give to freshmen is that in your first year of college, try to remain balanced. A constant struggle for me and for other freshmen I've talked to, is to try to achieve a delicate balance between studying and having fun. It's very easy to either become consumed by homework or go off the deep-end into procrastination. Though, I often realize I study a lot more than attending clubs, I've constantly tried to plan fun things throughout my week. One of them that I've mentioned in my previous blog post was the Spanish Voces Unidas/Spanish Conversation Table. I really enjoy going to various Spanish group events. Last semester, I scheduled in Hatha Yoga classes which they offer here at our on-campus gym or the Regional Fitness Center (the RFC as we call it for short) for FREE! Either way, I just can't stress how much students need a breather from school. Though I don't advocate procrastination...I highly recommend planning and structuring your time as efficiently as possible. It'll make college a lot more bearable and interesting if you vary up your routine and/or your week with things NOT related to school work.