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Great Week

What a week. I had so much to do and I had so little free time. I'm okay with that though. Most of my time was taken up by fun stuff. I did the usual classes, project, work, and intramural sports but to add to the week I got to work security on Wednesday for FLOGGING MOLLY! It was pretty freakin awesome. In some way it was kind of bad just because no one likes to be the bad guy. As security we had to make sure no one started mosh pits and tried to crowd surf. All in all people were pretty well behaved. They tried to start a few mosh pits but after a few warnings they stopped and just had a good time. It was pretty awesome getting to stand so close and also get into it for free. We were really worried that we wouldn't get to keep our shirts but one amongst our ranks managed to convince the guitarist to talk to our boss and talk him into letting us keep our shirts. It worked :) The opening act was pretty good as well. They were Big D and the Little Kid's Table. I'm not sure what kind of music they were like because my ear plugs made it hard to hear them. On Saturday I worked at the Tin-man Triathlon at the finish line and clean up afterward. It was pretty cool but I didn't really see a whole lot of it since I slept in until I needed to leave to get there at noon. I got a shirt for doing that as well. After all that excitement all I have left for the weekend is to write the rough draft for my philosophy paper. Well that is all I've got for now.
-Catch Ya Later