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Mastering the art of philosophy

So it's getting down to the final weeks of school which is great. However, I've been working on a analytic feminism philosophy paper which will (hopefully) be my first 10 page paper in college! Analytic Feminism has been an interesting class. Most of the time I come back to my dorm with my head thinking about a million different things just because the topics we talk about are so broad and controversial. So this philosophy class always challenges my mind and my body because it's about an hour and forty minutes to sit in a chair! But slowly I've come to look forward to our discussions which we have every Thursday. I've really enjoyed getting together with a small group of students and discuss important but complicated issues surrounding feminism.

But now that the year is winding down, I have a final paper for analytic feminism to start writing.
As my professor went over the assignment this week in class, all of us students went silent. Being a big reader, English papers came easy to me in high school. So you'd think writing a paper wouldn't be that daunting. But, philosophy papers have a different format in terms of it's overall tone and structure. So, on the bright side I've learned earlier this semester how to write a short (about 3 pages) philosophical paper.

Although now, it's the big end of the year paper...so it's got to be good! Right? I've got to go out of the semester of philosophy with a bang! Easier said then done though. However, I've already gotten a great start to it, so my my mind is somewhat at ease about it. I have to say that the toughest thing in college and this philosophy class/paper is that the professor gives us students the opportunity to choose the topic for our papers. Though it gives us freedom to find something we personally find interesting, it can be hard to settle on one issue. Also, since this paper has to be longer it don't want to take on a broad topic such as ethics of care and justice, ecofeminism, female appearance or whether Plato was a feminist! There's also an endless amount of topics to choose, but it's great to settle on something you have a definite opinion about. Anyways, I'll let you know how it goes as I progress through my first draft.