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Today was proof that Mondays can be amazing. (knock on wood). First my Rhetoric professor decided to cancel class for the rest of the week so that my classmates and myself would have more time to work on the picturebooks we are writing and illustrating for that class.

Then my history professor gave me an extension for my project on Women Espionage Agents in Europe because of the difficulty of finding enough source material.

But the day gets even better...

On Mondays, I host my radio show: Ninja's Menagerie: A collection of Celtic rock, Folk, World, and Humor music to rescue you on a boring Monday afternoon. But this afternoon, I did the show a little different. For today's show, there was a music war between Ninja and Captain Kay (a pirate) throughout the show. There were a wide variety of songs such as "Seven Deadly Sins" by Flogging Molly and "Kung Fu Fighting" by Carl Douglas. The war came to end with the tunes of "Why Can't We Be Friends?" by Smashmouth and "Men in Tights" by the Merry Men Singers. Finding the music and then coordinating the different pieces took a long time so I was very pleased when everything went off without a hitch.


Now I just need to do some intensive reading and writing for my project and draw like mad to finish all my projects before next week. But hey, today was living proof that Mondays can be good days.

Plus there's Open Mic Nite to look forward to later this week, since its the last one of the year it promises to be really great. I already heard that there will be a comic routine, great singing, and a few other humorous sketches. Perhaps, I'll brush up on my storytelling and tell a tale or two.