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Picturebooks and Jazz



There's only five weeks left of the semester and deadlines for several of my projects are coming up. For example, in my Rhetoric of PictureBooks class I'm writing and illustrating a children's picturebook. I'm doing a spin-off of an Iroquois legend about dogs and their tails. I know what the book's text will be however the illustrations are something else entirely. I've never illustrated a book before so this project has been kind of an adventure. I've learned several different tricks such as how the direction of the characters in the illustration are a subtle persuasion technique for the reader to turn the page. I've also been looking a hundreds of pictures and picture books to get different ideas for doing my illustrations such as characters, framing, and background.

hand drawing.jpg

Besides this week being registration week here for UMM students for classes next fall; its also Jazz Fest. Jazz Fest is a event at the UMM that offers hands-on clinics for students as well as evening performances with guest performers. Its really neat to hear live jazz music every time I enter the Student Center; I always feel like I should be dancing rather than walking.