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STRESS and knowing how to deal with it

Well, even though I only have three classes this semester I still am stressed out. Right now I've got to balance work, class, lab, 3 on 3 basketball, and a project for my computer science class. Work and class haven't been that hard to get through but the remainder of my energy is going towards my lab, project, and basketball. I get to the end of the day exhausted. I also have my personal life to balance with that and I need me time as well. Good thing I know a few ways of getting through the day.
1. Take a break! the best thing you can do while stressed is to take a break. Take a step back from whatever you are doing an take a deep breath. Try not to think for a while and just let your body and mind rest.
2. Exercise. Sometimes when you are stressed you end up with a lot of built up energy and nowhere to put it. Go out for a walk/run, play a sport, or just some other activity. It helps get your mind of the stresses and gives you somewhere to put that extra energy.
3. Make sure to eat right. Treating your body the right way will help make you feel better. Eating only junk food will give you energy at times but will also have you crashing and crashing does not help a stressed out person.
4. Get plenty of sleep. Not getting enough sleep can cause you to have little energy and be drowsy. In my case if I didn't get enough sleep I would be useless to my different groups.
5. Have a plan. Not knowing what you are doing with your time makes it easier to feel like you've lost control. Knowing what to do will not only help lower your stress it will help you figure out how to manage your time better. And remember "knowing is half the battle" battle.png
Well that is all I've got for now.
-Catch Ya Later