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This Entry Needs No Name...

Well I've been busy with a project, tests, and classes so I should have plenty of things to talk about in this entry. The project is going pretty good so far. My group ended up demoing last Wednesday so we had one final push to get all the components ready for the customer. She liked what she saw but still wanted more. Luckily for us, presenting on Wednesday meant we had time to fix things before it was due on Friday. So we worked another day on it to get out the final bugs and to tweak it. We will be finding out on Monday who will be in our new groups. Just when I got used to working with my team my professor has to go and change them. Thanks Nic. The days are getting longer but it is also getting much nicer out. With the nice weather I have been able to spend more time outside and not in the "dungeon", for you non-CSCI majors and non-UMMers, the dungeon is the computer lab were most of the Computer Science classes have their labs. Actually I'm almost positive that is where all of them have their labs. Anyway I've been looking into summer jobs and hopefully I will know within the next few weeks as to if I have a job. One of the things that I applied for is and REU at Dakota State University. It is Research Experience for Undergraduates. I would get so study some form of computer security and get paid for it. If that doesn't work out I have applied for a few jobs around town here in Morris. I applied for a job with Community Education for a position as a peewee coach and as an umpire. If the REU doesn't work out I really hope that is the job I get.
Oh Yeah humans vs. zombies starts this week. Basically it is a massive game of zombie tag going on through out campus. It is going to be insane.
Well that is all I've got for now.
Catch Ya Later.