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Today was ok.

This has been a crazy week. Humans vs. Zombies has taken over campus. Seriously, everyone is completely crazy. Not in a psychotic sort of way. Just in a "trying-not-to-get-your-brains-eaten" way. So the best kind of crazy. I'm not playing, but most of my friends are.

For ASL there is a concert next week. I've had my songs by Lady Gaga and MGMT's "Electric Feel" stuck in my head all week. And probably all next week.

Today was quite a good day. I went for a run. I bought computer ink. I went to class. I signed Lady Gaga songs. I read my history readings in preparation for discussion tomorrow on the mall. It was nice and sunny and warm. Then I went to work. Now I'm here.

Also, my area of concentration has been signed by the Division Chair and I've mailed it off to the Dean and hopefully it gets approved. One step closer!

AND I had a doctors appointment yesterday to make sure I'm alive and well and able to travel and the doctor signed a sheet for my study abroad program. So that's one step closer too.

So that's all. See you later!