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What an eco-friendly, zombie obsessed campus.

So next weekend is the production of As You Like It by the University of Minnesota Morris. Just another Shakespeare production we've seen before, you think? No. There is an awesome green twist on this one. The costumes are all made from recycled materials. Old CD's jeans, juice boxes, anything they could scrounge up. The associate director, Ray Schultz (also a theater professor here at Morris) says the cast goal was to have the production be 100% eco friendly.

The Trashion Show is this weekend. the name says it all. Students form clothing out of trash and model it for the audience. I've never been to a trashion show, but I have a couple friends in it, and one told me that this was a huge event, and I should show up quite early. Last year the Chancellor had to stand!

Last week was just scary, crazy productive for me. Two papers and two presentations, ugh. So I relaxed this weekend. It was nice. But, it's back to the daily grind now. Except that there are zombies all over campus due to mass interest in the Human vs. Zombies game going on. I'm not playing, I didn't want to go to class paranoid. But I sat on the mall and watched people get "killed" and socks thrown at them, and holding signs proclaiming "THE END IS NIGH".