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Where did the year go???

I cannot BELIEVE there is only two weeks left of the semester! ZOMG. The year has sped by. Today I bought myself CLIF protein bars to get myself through the next two weeks of papers and projects and studying. Last summer when I was backpacking with my friend Lindsay, we were hanging out under a bridge in Paris with these three Californian dudes waiting for the train station to open (Don't ask.) and one of them pulled out a CLIF bar and said, "I'm not sure why, but these tasted REALLY good during finals week". I thought it tasted like tar, but now I really like them. It's like instant energy. I need to have them whenever it's finals week now.

I met with the group of lovelies that are going to Ireland with me. Seventeen days before we leave. It's crazy. Everyone is so excited. I've started packing up my apartment since I don't want to have to deal with all of my moving out and packing and finals in the same week. We're planning on going to Germany for one week, and will for sure go to a concentration camp. Other than that, we're not sure what we'll do now.

I'm going home this weekend for my brother's baseball game and to watch him strut his stuff in the Grand March at Prom. So I'm also trying to do as much work as I can so I don't have to think about too much this weekend.

Oh. So there was a BEAR in Morris today. Some women hit it with her car last night and called the police. The cops didn't believe her. I can't entirely blame them. Black bears don't generally inhabit Morris.